Connect Science Curriculum Overview


The Connect Science curriculum includes science and collaboration lessons that cover 8 steps:


  • Step 1: Understand the project they are undertaking and how they can become engaged citizens by using their knowledge and skills to make a difference in their community.

  • Step 2: Discover energy and resource needs and problems in their school, home or community by understanding where energy comes from and how electricity is produced.

  • Step 3: Investigate energy and resource use problems to understand the impact people have on our environment and cultivate a sense of interest and urgency to address these problems.

  • Step 4: Research the impact of different solutions that may make an impact on their chosen problem.

  • Step 5: Decide on a service-learning project (solution) that will make an impact on an energy problem.

  • Step 6: Plan out steps, roles and responsibilities, and a timeline.

  • Step 7: Implement their project and monitor progress.

  • Step 8: Reflect on the impact of their project on the original energy problem.

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 6.08.31 PM.png

The lessons culminate in the implementation of a service-learning project, through which the students use their social and emotional learning skills to work together as a class. Teachers guide their students in developing a project that incorporates the 4 aspects shown below.